Daily Reads #28

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I have definitely got that Monday feeling, where has the weekend gone?

As I mentioned in the Weekend Reads #35 post on Friday I was working both Saturday and Sunday so I didn’t get reading as much as I’d hoped. However this weekend wasn’t entirely bad as we had a Doctor Who exhibition in work which definitely made the days fun, exciting and fly in.


As I am equally busy this weekend and every evening it taken up with one thing or another I doubt I will get much time to read during the evenings. However there are two books grabbing my attention this week of which I hope to get reading not to mention some reviews I want to upload over the next few days.


So the first book I will be focusing on this week is Looking for Alaska by John Green which I started reading over the weekend, although I didn’t get reading very much. So far I am really enjoying it and I am encouraged even more as there are talks about a movie in the making which makes it more exciting. I have said this before but after seeing the movie adaptation for The Fault in Our Stars which is another book by John Green, I have a lot of hope that any movie’s to follow will be of an equally high standard. I really hope this will be proven by the release of Paper Towns next year and that I’m not naïve where this is concerned.


Looking for Alaska follows the relationship of the wild and exciting Alaska Young and the normal, plain life of Miles Halter. As these two unthinkable characters come together their lives are turned upside down and thrown into a hurricane of excitement.

7741325 (2)

The second book that I am hoping to start this week is Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. This book has the most beautiful, wintery cover that is just begging to be read with a hot chocolate in hand. Lily leaves a book full of dares on the top shelf in a bookstore only for it to be picked up by the cunning and curious Dash. As Dash completes the dares in the book, both him and Lily begin to fall for the person behind the paper only to wonder if they are the perfect match in reality. This sounds sweet, loveable and perfect for a cold and miserable November night on the sofa; I can’t wait to get started.

Well I better get started with whatever free time I have this week. Hope your reading is going well for this month and have a great week!


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