Motivation for the Month

This week of posts is focused on the new month of December and how we are going to power through the last few weeks of 2014 successfully.
This month there are a few read-a-thons to keep us motivated as we power through the Christmas madness and nothing beats relaxing with a good book after wrapping a mountain of presents.
Below are two read-a-thons which begin in the next few days, I couldn’t find any read-a-thons taking place towards the end of the month so if anyone has heard of any, please let me know. Then again things start to get a little chaotic closer to Christmas Day so I can understand the gap.
Friday 5th December – Sunday 7th December
This read-a-thon will keep you occupied over the holidays, filled with prizes and mini-challenges, you will not be spoilt for choice. I personally will just be taking part in the reading side of things, however I will be working like mad over the Christmas season and I am hoping to read read read and beat my reading challenges before the new year.
Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
Saturday 6th December – Sunday 14th of December
The reason I am participating in this read-a-thon also despite the two overlapping is because I want to motivate myself further, this one in particular runs over 9 full days so I’m hoping it will encourage me to keep reading. Also it’s good to note that this read-a-thon is held by Sarah over on www.treesofreverie.comand she is running the read-a-thon on Brisbane time so if you want to stick to the time perfectly, a world clock might be useful.
I will be posting a joint TBR list for these read-a-thon’s tomorrow so check back if you want to see what I have set aside. Also if you are planning on taking part in either of these challenges, why not leave a comment and support fellow readers.

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