Daily Reads #31

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Once again, Monday has come full circle and we are all trekking back to our desks in work. I will never fully understand or accept the concept of the weekend being so short, why was there no fair divide down the middle between the working week and the weekend.

This week as far as reading is concerned, I am going to be continuing with books that I started in November but never finished. I want to head into the New Year with a clean slate, ready to start a new reading month and year.

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This week I will be focusing on finishing up the following books, remember to click on the book title or cover to find out more about the books. The Trees of Reverie Read-a-thon is still on until this Sunday so make the most of this challenge and read, read, read! Don’t forget we need to clear up some space on the TBR shelf before Christmas.

Looking for Alaska – John Green

untitled (18)

The Ocean at the End of the Lane – Neil Gaiman


Anyone that is participating in the Read-a-thon, how are you doing, do you have any tips for staying motivated?

Have a successful reading week everyone and don’t forget to check back for some reviews this week.


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