A Sprinkle of Christmas Spirit

So I wanted to mention some books that get me really excited for Christmas and have become my traditional TBR every year. They may seem strange together as one is a classic and the other is a children’s book but for me it wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t lift these two books off the shelves.

519903Every year I pick up A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, I just love it and I love how Ebeneezer Scrooge is changed by the beauty and importance of Christmas with the help of his ghostly friend Jacob Marley. What I love more about this book is that every day you can easily see people becoming consumed by their jobs and work. Nothing would be possible without a pay cheque at the end of the month and so it’s easy to understand why work can become so consuming as it is for Scrooge. Therefore I never see Scrooge as a bad person but someone that has just taken a wrong turn at some point and escalated into someone with very bad and nasty characteristics.

I really enjoy reading about his trips through the past, present and future to see that at each point he had made mistakes and missed opportunities. As Scrooge is already an older man at this point it is a real awakening to see that he hadn’t lived his life to the fullest. For me I love Christmas time, seeing family, everyone seems that extra little bit happier, there’s a lot to be thankful for. So when it comes to the grand finale and he realises he has the power to change not just his life but the lives of others and really emerge himself in the Christmas spirit, I become very happy too.

I can’t explain fully why this book means so much to me but it really puts into perspective the hard work and time committed each year to make Christmas extra special, and although this book is set in the 19th Century, I think that it has some very valuable points that can still be taken into account today. Scrooge learns charity, goodwill and kindness and money can only get you so far, in the end spending time with loved ones and making the most of every day is what you will remember I suppose.


If you enjoy A Christmas Carol, I would also recommend Jacob T Marley by R. William Bennett which is amazing. It wonders why Jacob Marley was allowed to come back and visit Scrooge and why he hadn’t been allowed the same opportunity to turn his life around or if he had. I really enjoyed this book as it mirrored Dickens style of writing and kept perfectly to the details in the original A Christmas Carol. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads and would gladly read it again and again.


The other book that I read without a doubt every Christmas Eve is called Favourite Christmas Stories published by Brown Watson, England. It’s a book that I have had from I was a child and I can remember my mum reading it to me every Christmas Eve. Therefore I keep up the tradition and still read it every Christmas Eve at my mum’s house. I absolutely love each and every story and the illustrations are beautiful. It wouldn’t feel like Christmas if this book didn’t play a part. Every character is so adorable and it used to get me excited for Christmas morning and seeing all the family.

The Night Before Christmas


Christmas Joys



The Christmas Snowman



Noni the Christmas Reindeer



Do you have any traditional Christmas reads?

Merry Christmas!


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