Daily Reads #32

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It’s the week of Christmas and I’m still rushing around trying to get all of the present bought and wrapped. Every time I sit down to wrap someone’s presents I realise I have forgotten something or someone so I end up making a mad dash to the shops. I am currently counting down the hours to Christmas Eve when I can just relax by the fire and put all my worries aside for a few days.

As this week is Christmas I don’t think I will get much time to read although it sounds like a pretty perfect way to spend the next few days. Below are two short novellas I am hoping to start reading over the mad Christmas holidays. I doubt I will get them finished but if I get them started that will be an amazing achievement on top of everything else.

Jenny Lopez Saves Christmas – Lindsey Kelk


Lindsey Kelk is one of my favourite chick-lit writers as author of the I Heart series which I absolutely love. I would read anything that she has written because the humour, honesty and laugh out loud action will be littered throughout the books. Jenny Lopez is a character in the I Heart series with a hilarious, care-free and best friend styled attitude. The best way of describing this character is that she is the best friend you not only want but one that every girl needs. I cannot wait to sit down with a few minutes to myself and start reading this book because I just know it will be amazing not to mention set in the back drop of Christmas and family and friends.

Just in case I get round to finishing Jenny Lopez Saves Christmas I will always have another Jenny Lopez adventure to keep me going.

Jenny Lopez Has a Bad Week – Lindsey Kelk


Both of these books will no doubt accompany my happy, jolly self over the Christmas period but at least I know if things get a little stressful I will have these two gems to put the smile back on my face. If you want to learn a bit more about each book remember to click on the book title or cover. If you are interested in Lindsey Kelk’s work definitely check out I Heart New York or About a Girl.

Merry Christmas


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