Jenny Lopez Saves Christmas – Lindsey Kelk


I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions that I love the work of Lindsey Kelk as she manages to create the perfect chic-lit. The setting, characters and their personalities are all something you can relate to or something you wish you could do. Most of the time when I’m sat home drinking tea I wish I had the life of her characters in New York or Paris, this book in particular which centres around a Christmas spent in a beautiful big house surrounded by snow had me super jealous. However Jenny’s attempts to create the perfect Christmas with her friends didn’t go to plan as she’d hoped.

Jenny is a brilliant character that readers who have enjoyed the I Heart series will have already met. She is known as Angela’s best friend and the girl that helps Angela get back on her feet and face the big bad world she left behind for New York. This book however is told from the perspective of Jenny and just as crazy as her character in the other books; it’s hilarious to see her thought processes are just as mad. It was interesting to read things from Jenny’s perspective whilst Angela plays a smaller part.

The setting for this plot transforms from the busy life of New York City with Jenny’s job in a PR company to the quiet and supposedly tranquil countryside Christmas. I loved how the two worlds come together in the plot through the characters and their comfortable city lives compared to life in the countryside where things aren’t always to hand as easily.

As this is a novella, it is a short and easy read. What makes it even quicker to get through is the fast pace and funny writing which is expected of any Lindsay Kelk writing. I didn’t want to put it down once I started it and I reckon it could be read in one sitting. However I would recommend starting out with I Heart New York first so you can get an idea of who Jenny is and her importance in the series.

I am giving this novella a 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads as my only criticism is that I wish it was longer. I could read an entire book on Jenny and her adventures as she is just a fun, humorous and adventurous character. Her impulsiveness makes it all the more exciting to read because you don’t know what weird and exciting place she’ll end up next.



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