Book to Movie Adaptations 2014

2014 has been an exciting year for book to movie adaptations although some of them have not lived up to my expectations especially given the excitement leading up to it. As this has been such a good year I thought I would do a really short post listing the movie adaptations I thought were the best and some I was a little disappointed with.

My Favourite Book to Movie Adaptations of 2014:



I was super excited for this movie coming out and couldn’t wait to see it. It was very clear after seeing the movie displayed on screen that the producers and directors did as best they could to stay as close to the book as possible. However there were a few things I was disappointed with such as the lack of characters who I thought contributed to the plot. Read my full review here.

The Book Thief


This movie was explosive, how could I say otherwise and I have since recommended it to people who aren’t avid readers. The movie stuck so closely to the book and even ran for over two hours yet when I was sitting in the cinema, the time flew by and I could have sat there for longer. Read my full review here.

The Fault In Our Stars

images (10)

This movie was amazing, it stuck so closely to the book that I barely noticed any parts missing. What really hit me in this movie was how perfectly the characters were transferred onto the screen and how the emotions which the book wasn’t short of were so perfectly displayed on each character. It’s safe to say I cried so much watching the movie that it even rivalled my tears when I read the book. Read my full review here.

Mockinjay – Part 1

images (22)

Now I know this is only half of the movie as the other half is due to come out next year but it deserves a mention. This movie was phenomenal and stuck so closely to the book that I was amazed. For people who haven’t read Mockingjay I have heard quite a lot of comments about how it was boring and slow, which really I can’t say anything about. I loved the efforts of District 12 and the mass destruction as the revolt goes on. I couldn’t have imagined this movie to be any better and yet there were still some things that niggled at me for being missing or fabricated. Read my full review here.

My Least Favourite Book to Movie Adaptation of 2014:

The Maze Runner

images (15)

What on earth was going on in this movie, I had so much hope for it that I can honestly say I was heartbroken watching it. What annoyed me even more was the author James Dashner had helped create the movie and said himself it was good. For someone who hasn’t read the book and went to see that movie you are in for an action packed, one – of –a kind experience but for those who have read and loved the book, be prepared for things to turn out a little differently and I don’t mean small scale. Read my full review here.

I’m starting to wonder if this post was more of a therapeutic vent for me, but I hope you have enjoyed it and are ready for the New Year. There are lots of exciting book to movie adaptations on the horizon so fingers crossed they are as amazing as we all hope.


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