Daily Reads #34

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So after an exciting weekend which saw the beginning of two read-a-thons, I was forced to do lots of work. The best way to describe it was miserable, I was also taking down the decorations and making my house less magical which I hate because now the house looks bare.

However I have an exciting week to look forward to as the read-a-thons continue and despite being at work all week, most of my evenings are free and dedicated to reading. I cannot wait!

The books I will be concentrating on this week and weekend were decided on in two TBR posts that went up over the weekend, one for What Lovely Books Read-a-thon and one for Bout of Books #12 Read-a-thon. However I plan on focusing on two books in particular during the week which are:

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close –Jonathan Safran Foer

untitled (14)


The Cuckoo’s Calling – Robert Galbraith



I am counting down the minutes until I can get home and into comfy clothes and start reading. After all of the time off and time with family, it is bittersweet heading back to work so I’m sure many of you can understand this feeling.

Good luck if any of you are taking part in the read-a-thons, I hope you reach your goal. Check out my TBR posts about the read-a-thons if you want to take part too and check back later in the week for some reviews and to read my 2015 Challenges and Goals.

Have a great week!



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