2014 Reading Challenges Update

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It’s time to see how good I was at sticking to my challenges in 2014 and I can honestly say I am a little nervous. For a long time I may have forgotten about the direction of my challenges so I hope I still hit the goals or at least made a dent in the original figure.

Firstly I had set myself last year to read 60 books on the goodreads challenge and I completed it by reading 64. I am very happy that I beat this goal because I only joined goodreads last year and was shocked that I had never thought to track my reading before. I wasn’t even sure how many books I would have read a year before this challenge. I will definitely be increasing the number of books I want to read this year because I enjoyed the challenge and the extra motivation involved when working towards a goal.

Chunkster Reading Challenge

chunkster challenge 2014a

For this challenge I had aimed to read over 10 books that were 450 pages or more. However this was a real challenge because it is difficult to find books of this length without really looking in bookstores. In the end I read a total of 7 books over 450 pages, however over on goodreads I also took part in the Big Book Challenge which qualified books over 400 pages and in this challenge I read 11 books.

Read Your Freebies Challenge


Now this is where it gets disappointing, I originally challenged myself to read 12 free books from my kindle as I am forever downloading free books and never reading them. Throughout the year of 2014 I read a total of 2 free ebooks. I am embarrassed to even admit that but I do find it difficult to choose between a free book and a book that I have been waiting on reading or that is receiving a lot of attention online. Often the books available to download for free are classics, most of which I had read pre-2014 or books that receive little to know promotion across the web. I knew back in January 2014 that this would be a difficult challenge that would need a lot of attention but unfortunately I didn’t do very well and should have known better.

2014 TBR Challenge


I don’t even know where to start with this challenge, I read so many books in 2014 and didn’t bother writing down the ones that I had originally bought before the month of January as opposed to the ones I bought throughout the year. Therefore I cannot be sure as to what the total is for this challenge now. I am definitely taking a new TBR challenge this year and recording each and every book that has come off my TBR shelf so I can have a definite total by the end of the year. This is also a great way to curb my book buying habits as I am determined to read the books I already own.

Dystopian Reading Challenge

DCR Banner

I was worried starting this challenge as it was a genre I had never paid much attention to before. However once I started reading books of a dystopian genre I became a runaway train and literally became addicted. I am super excited about 2015 because I received lots of amazing new dystopian books that I can’t wait to start. I read a total of 28 dystopian genre books in 2014 which is amazing and nearly half the total amount of books I read for the entire year. I had originally set myself a total of 7-12 books to read because I thought it would be a difficult challenge to read but I think it’s clear to say I beat that.

I am very happy with the books I read in 2014 and how I did in my reading challenges. I may have not completed them or in some cases even started them but they revealed a lot about the type of reader I am and what I enjoy reading, I cannot wait to get started into my challenges for 2015 so check back for 2015 reading challenges post.

Lastly 2014 was an interesting reading year for me as I started the blog in January which was a scary, exciting, nerve-wracking thing for me. It took a long time for me to feel really confident writing and I was honestly shocked when people wanted to follow the blog or even liked a post. I have a lot to thank my followers and supporters for in 2014 because not only has the blog become a big part of my life but having a place amongst friends to share my love of books with has been a blessing. So a massive thank you for your support and I hope you continue to follow throughout 2015 and many more years to come.

Happy Reading!


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