2015 Reading Challenges and Goals

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Woo Hoo so it’s time for reading challenges this year and there are so many that it took me quite some time to decide if which ones to participate in or if I should set my own goals.

As usual over on goodreads, I set myself a reading goal for 2015 to read 80 books. In 2014 I read 64 books so this will definitely be a challenge; however it will be one that I am looking forward to. Amongst the 80 books I am hoping to read, these will be a diverse range of categories, lengths, series and stand-alone novels, and this is where the other reading challenges come in and mix things up a bit.

Bethany House 2015 Challenge

The first challenge I am hoping to participate in is the Bethany House 2015 Reading Challenge, this one was sent through to me by a friend who knows me very well when it comes to books. No doubt she will be the one to pick the book for the ‘your best friend recommends’ square. All you need to do is read a book by one of the descriptions below and tick it of as you go along. Easy-peasy and already my head is spinning with ideas for each square. I am excited to get this printed up and onto my bookcase so I can visually tick off each challenge as I complete it. The only clause is even if one book qualifies for more than one square it can only count as one so no cheating. To find out more information on this challenge, follow the link here.


Bookish 2015 TBR Pile

Who doesn’t love a TBR pile and that extra kick in the right direction to reading those books on your shelves that gather dust. I need TBR challenges to help me get through the books that I keen buying. Many of you will know that I received around thirty books for Christmas to add to my already huge TBR pile so I definitely need this challenge. There are a few rules for this challenge but the most important are that you cannot read a book that is a 2015 Arc or just published in 2015 and count it towards the challenge and books counted in this challenge must have been read between the 1st January and the 31st December 2015. Anyone can enter this challenge and the makers run giveaways and read-alongs throughout the year so for more information click here and join the fun.


For this challenge I have also created a TBR Jar to help me with the difficult deciding process of what to read each month. This does not mean that I won’t be buying books throughout the year or reading books through choice. I will be picking at least 3 books a month from the TBR Jar to get reading each month. As on average I need to read 6 books a month to meet my goal of 80 books this year so that means I can choose up to 3 books of the shelves myself.


The level I am choosing for this challenge is Sweet Summer Fling which qualifies as 31 – 40 books of my TBR list. I think it will be possible as I have so many to read and there are definitely more than 50 books in the TBR Jar.

Finishing the Series Reading Challenge 2015

Another challenge I will be taking part in is the Finishing the Series Reading Challenge. I have started or am halfway through lots of series so this will be a brilliant challenge for me to do in 2015. In 2014 I fell in love with the dystopian genre and ended up on a book buying spree for more series like The Maze Runner of Divergent. As a result my bookshelves are coming down with series so this will also give me a chance to tick books off the TBR challenge. The rules for this challenge are that for books to qualify they must be read between the 1st of January and the 31st of December 2015. It also doesn’t matter if you have 1 more book to read or 7 more to read, completing the series qualifies this challenge and any format of reading can be used.

Finishing the Series

The level I am going to choose for this series is the Expert Series Reader which is completing 4 or more series throughout the year, I can already think of 6 series that need completing so hopefully I will get through as many as possible this year.

2015 Big Book Challenge

The final challenge for 2015 is the Big Book Challenge. I didn’t realise just how difficult this challenge would be until I tried it last year. Big books are hard to come by now as most YA and popular books are around the 300-350 pages mark. I have challenged myself to read 12 books over 400 pages this year which means 1 book a month that is over 400 pages. It sounds like something I could accomplish but fall behind one month and I think it would be difficult to get back on track. I will be tracking the big books I read throughout the year on goodreads so if you want to follow this reading challenge you can do so there.

BIg book challenge

Good luck for all of your reading challenges in 2015, I know I am excited to get started. It was so much fun last year trying to accomplish all of my challenges and I know it will be difficult but fun this year too.


3 thoughts on “2015 Reading Challenges and Goals

    • mrsmamfa says:

      I hope so, it’s so exciting starting new Reading Challenges!! I would love to reach 80 books or more this year so I have to just make more free time to read! Lol looks like you’ll have no bother reaching 50 this year too! Good Luck! 😊

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