Weekend Reads #40

alien books

All of sudden I realised how big a number 40 is, I can’t believe we are already at the fortieth Weekend Reads post so a massive thank you to everyone supporting the regular post.

This weekend I am unfortunately working and I have plans for the entire weekend but no-one can prise the book from my hands before bed. That being said I will be continuing over the weekend with the books I have been focusing on throughout the What Lovely Books Read-a-Thon and the Bout of Books #12 Read-a-Thon, both of which sadly end this weekend. The two read-a-thons end at the stroke of midnight on Sunday so this weekend will have to be a real cram to fit as much reading in as possible before they officially end.

So below are the books I will be continuing with this weekend,

The Tao of Pooh – Benjamin Hoff


Vampire Academy – Richelle Mead


I am also hoping to get a few more posts uploaded over the weekend so keep checking back for my very late December Wrap Up and my review of Looking for Alaska by John Green.

Have a great weekend and I hope for those of you participating in the read-a-thons that it is a very successful reading weekend.



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