Weekend Reads #41



I have been waiting patiently for the weekend to come around, this week has been miserable with rain and snow so the perfect weather for staying indoors and snuggling on the sofa with a great book. I have set myself quite a large reading list for this month and so the majority of this weekend will be spent reading and finishing up reviews.

This weekend I will be focusing on finishing Prodigy by Marie Lu which is the second book in the Legend series. So far I am really enjoying it and continuing on with Day and June’s journey. I can’t wait to write up a review for it.

The second book i will be focusing on isn’t part of the original TBR for this month but I am very excited to read it and can’t wait any longer. Last weekend as part of my book haul I bought the first graphic novel in the Walking Dead series by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. After finishing the first book in the graphic novel series Maus by Art Spiegelman, I am in the mood to read more from this genre and what better way than to start with a very popular series.

I will more than likely also continue with the second book in the Maus series too because I really want to know where the plot goes, especially after how it ended in the first book.

There is no doubt this weekend is full of exciting and addictive books that will keep me occupied through the snow flurries. All I need now is a never-ending cup of tea and a cosy blanket to keep me company.

Happy Reading!


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