Daily Reads #36

Daily Reads Photo

This Daily Reads is a little later than usual but I have had an amazing and incredibly busy weekend which pushed a lot back on my to-do list. As usual I have a lot to do throughout the week so I’m hoping to spend this reading week tying up some loose ends. I want to finish a book I started at the beginning of the month during the read-a-thons.

The Cuckoo’s Calling – Robert Galbraith


This book is really gripping and I had issues putting it down at the start because I really enjoyed it. Like most of the time when reading, there are other things to do from errands to housework and I got distracted from finishing the book. However so far it is becoming a book that I would recommend checking out.

As I am also very busy this week I will only be able to finish up one book this week and hopefully fit in a few reviews along the way. I’m excited for the time I have reading this week and getting back into The Cuckoos Calling and see what is going to happen.

Have a successful reading week!



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