The Walking Dead – Robert Kirkman & Tony Moore

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The Walking Dead is such a world renowned franchise now as it emerged at the right time when people believed the possibility of a zombie apocalypse was at its height and everyone had an emergency procedure in place. I couldn’t help but be interested as nearly everyone I know has watched or is continuing to watch the popular TV series. Unfortunately I fall in to the minority of people that have not watched the series nor have any clue what is going on, but for me that all changed this week.

I wanted to start at the very beginning with The Walking Dead and what better way to do that than head to the original source. I had heard somewhere that The Walking Dead had started out as a book so I bought the two novels last year and they currently sit proudly on my TBR shelf. Not long after that I found out that the series actually started with graphic novels and so I made a point of buying the first one before reading the books. All I have to say is that I am so glad I read this; the first in the expanding series is amazing.

Last year I read my first graphic novel and since then have fallen in love with the genre. I love how the reader can see exactly what the author had envisaged for their characters, their settings and the plot. With regards to The Walking Dead, the illustrations are all in black and white which is an interesting aspect to the novel. Throughout the plot there are references to the weather and its reflection on the situation or in emphasising the harrowing situation so I wondered if the use of black and white illustrations matches the dark and bleak circumstances that the characters are going through also. The plot is told through the eyes of the characters and use of dialogue which changes as the plot unfolds. This way the reader knows what all characters are thinking or their previous experiences with the epidemic and it gives a much more rounded and broader outlook to the plot. I really enjoyed this aspect of the novel because there are some things going on in the background that not all characters are aware of. This then makes the reader omniscient and increases the suspense as to what will happen and when the secrets will be exposed.

I really liked the characters in the book and how they all had their own stories of what happened before the epidemic and how they got to where they are now. It is a strange bunch of characters that usually wouldn’t be together except for unusual circumstances. However this makes for an interesting plot as the reader wonders if the group can work together or if there will be chaos amongst them.

As with most graphic novels I have picked up in the past year this was easy to read and could be read in a quick period of time. However it’s a strange concept because although it is so short, I still feel like I got a lot out of it. Whether it’s the images, the shared thought process with the author, the accelerating plot and knowledge that the series continues, I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to invest in the rest of the series and learn more about the characters and what they will do next. The illustrations aren’t for the light hearted but it’s nothing too horrifying that it taints the surrounding plot.

I would definitely recommend The Walking Dead, graphic novels to anyone and everyone, if you are enjoying the show definitely pick it up. As I have been reading this I have been talking to a colleague that is a fan of the show and already she has told me of certain characters that weren’t carried across to the show and of little differences and changes, so there shouldn’t be too much spoiler material.

If anyone is looking for something quick and easy to read, definitely look into this series and fans of graphic novels, head in this direction. I am giving The Walking Dead a 5 out of 5 stars on goodreads, as I said before I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to continue with the plot.



9 thoughts on “The Walking Dead – Robert Kirkman & Tony Moore

  1. inkposts says:

    I am still in the minority, I doubt I’ll ever get round to watching it, but after this review I may get round to reading the graphic novel. I’m glad you’re in love with graphic novels too; there’s something special about collected editions, especially when the’re in hardback.

    • mrsmamfa says:

      I really love graphic novels and I would definitely recommend this! I dont know if I’ll get round to the TV show either because I think they’re at something ridiculous like 4 or 6 seasons by now? Lol are there any graphic novel series you would recommend? I’m always after something new! 😊

      • inkposts says:

        I will have to get round to reading it then. I’m quite mainstream in my taste for graphic novels, but a series I recommend everyone reads is Marvel’s Ultimates, Ultimates 2 and Ultimate Galactus Trilogy. These stories are a re-imagining of some of Marvel’s heroes and puts them in very realistic settings. They were released in the early 2000s before Marvel became the cinema giant it is today. Definitely worth reading. They take a while to kick in, but they’re thoroughly entertaining.

  2. mrsmamfa says:

    I’ll have to check them out!! I was looking at some of the Marvel ones when I was buying The Walking Dead, but I had no idea where to start because its such a big thing! Would you recommend starting there because I dont know all of the characters or much about them? 😊

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