Prodigy – Marie Lu

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Continuing on from where Legend left of, Day and June are on the run from the Republic. After helping the country’s most wanted criminal escape execution, the Republic are after June, the used to be star of the military. As they run towards Las Vegas in hope of finding the rebel Patriots for help, they soon find out that the Patriots have their own agenda and expect something in return.

This book is fast paced as the reader is thrown into a whirlwind of a plot from the first page. There are flashbacks to the first book to help remind the reader of the previous plot and aid anyone that may have joined in from Prodigy. As consistent as Legend, Marie Lu’s writing is addictive, flows perfectly with and compliments the plot making the novel even more enjoyable to read.

One aspect of the book that remained questionable throughout was June and Day’s relationship and how they feel towards each other. June is an ex-soldier for the Republic and a high ranking and experienced individual at that. However she is still a young girl at 15 and has left behind a life of comfort after finding out the truth about the republic. Day is a young boy and wanted criminal in the republic that has suffered loss, trials and tribulations at the hands of the republic too and this mutual feeling brings Day and June together. There is a constant underlying aspect of their relationship that could blossom into more yet their backgrounds and values contradict each other and whether they can trust one another.

I like both Day and June and love how they parallel each other with their different backgrounds as June is born from wealth and a high position in the Republic whilst Day is from a poorer family and spent much of his life on the streets. June struggles with trust and whether she should protect the Republic or work alongside the Patriots and help bring around a rebellion of the state. Likewise Day and others wonder where their loyalties lie with June because of her previous status.

The other character in the book display strong characteristics as they try to bring down a corrupt government. This strength throws many different personalities into the plot making it thicken with suspense and tension. Just like the characters in the book I was constantly struggling to know who was good or bad in the book, what the right thing to do was. So I was latched onto the plot and found it hard to put the book down because I needed to know what was going to happen.

The plot is built around a strong dystopian society, littered with corruption and secrets. It shows the struggles in society with power and the repression of the lower class as a domineering power reigns above.

The plot definitely thickens with Prodigy and takes it in a new direction against the Republic. I am limited in what I can say without giving too much away but I would recommend Legend if you haven’t already read it. For those that enjoy a good dystopian novel with power struggles and rebellious tensions then this is the series for you. I am excited to read Champion and finish off the series and see how it ends, it’s always sad to reach the end of a series but the excitement never ceases until the final page. Marie Lu is a great author and I cannot wait to see what else she produces in the future. Over on goodreads I gave Prodigy a 4 out of 5 stars, if you haven’t already pick up this series and give it a go.


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