Sex and the City – Candace Bushnell

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Sex and the City is a combination of essays and articles take from a column in the New York Observer. It is essentially Candace Bushnell’s work as she creates the well known and loved character that is Carrie Bradshaw. It is an inside look at the people of New York and the search for love in a unique and one-of-a-kind city.

Having read The Carrie Diaries I went into this book expecting to find Carrie all grown up with the rest of the Sex and the City characters. I have never watched the TV shows or movies and generally have no idea what they are about. However I was hoping this would be cleared up after reading the book, to be completely honest the world of the Sex and the City girls is probably foggier now than it ever was. I have no idea how a TV show developed from this book because it wasn’t in my eyes much of a novel as it was more a combination of experiences which sometimes seemed too exaggerated to have been real.

It seemed like an exploration of dating, love and relationships in an overwhelmingly large and fast city. Yet it was told in a more diary like and chic way that was confusing and in some ways hard to concentrate on. I felt myself gazing at the book but not really reading it sometimes because honestly I found it hard to get into and in some parts I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on. In many ways I didn’t know what to expect but having read two other books by Candace Bushnell I also didn’t expect this.

The writing style of this book wasn’t as consistent as The Carrie Diaries which complimented the flow of the plot. Sex and the City was disjointed in some parts and didn’t grasp me in the same way. Overall this book didn’t have the same effect on me as her other work or as much as I’d hoped. It’s difficult to write about a book that I felt was uninspiring and especially to have sparked such a huge series from something that barely touches on the main characters and their supposed personalities.

I gave this book a 2 out of 5 stars on goodreads because I just didn’t understand it, why it was written the way it was or what it was about. As someone who hasn’t watched the TV series or seen the movies I didn’t know what to expect from that aspect but having read The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell I expected a more novel styled approach to Sex and the City. It was just unusual and personally not my cup of tea which is sad because I really enjoyed The Carrie Diaries and had high hopes for this book.


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