Motivation for the Month – April


Everyone needs a little motivation to get through some tough TBR reading and apparently April is the month to do it with Deweys 24 Hours Readathon coming up towards the end of the month and Trees of Reverie Readathon beginning this weekend. Let’s kick those TBRs off the shelves in April!

Tree of Reverie Readathon kicked off at midnight on the 3rd of April and runs right until Sunday 12th of April. It’s over a week of solid reading with the extra kick of motivation that’s needed to start the month. This is important especially for me as I have been in a bit of a reading slump and weighed down with other priorities since the start of the year.

With daily challenges, prizes and reading sprints this is a great readathon to participate in as there is lots of activity planned for the week to keep everyone interested and reading. You can register with Trees of Reverie as a participant and update progress or TBR lists on your own sites too.

 Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Later in the month on the 25th, Dewey is holding a 24 hour Readathon. Quite self-explanatory in the title, this is a tough trawl reading for 24 hours straight against the strain of tiredness and exhaustion. However there are lots of giveaways and warm up posts to keep any participants hyped not to mention your own cheerleaders to keep the reading going.

You can participate in this readathon with any social networking site and join in with the fun.


So keep up the hard work and start of April with a bang. Clear your TBR pile or get ahead on your reading challenges. Then again when does anyone need a reason to read? To check out these readathons, just click on the pictures above.

Good Luck




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