Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – Ransom Riggs


This is a phenomenal read that caught my attention as soon as I spotted the cover, not to mention the hype everywhere about how great this book is. I’m even more excited that this book is a series because the plot is amazing and I can’t wait to read what else happens.

This book follows Jacob as he tries to find the life his Grandfather left behind. As a young boy his Grandfather told him stories of growing up in an orphanage with children that could do some impressive things. With strange photos and a mystery forming around his Granda, Jacob needs to know what happened in the past and why it is affecting his future.

Immediately I want to talk about the way this book is written because it is addictive and flows perfectly with the plot. I had real trouble putting this book down because the chapters are written in a way that you just can’t read one. It’s filled with suspense, tension and mystery that fuels the reading not to mention an unusual and individual storyline.

The characters are equally as intriguing and shrouded in mystery as not only is Jacob trying to find out who his Grandfather is, his father is struggling through the lack of having a fatherly figure in his life compared to Jacob’s strong relationship with his Grandfather. There are an array of relationships in this book and emotional struggle. I also enjoyed the comparisons between the past and the present and the city and country life.

Through the book I feel sorry for Jacob and the position he is in, he seems lost and not just in the situation but in his lack of being understood. As much as he talks he isn’t listened to and it lies parallel to the other characters in the book and their situations. I enjoyed reading about the characters from the start right through to when Jacob and his father get to the island. The islanders are very different to what Jacob and his father know at home and their lifestyle is equally as strange with generators turning off at night and plunging the place into darkness.

Linked in with the war, this book gives a new perspective on a harrowing time in history. Instead of concentrating on the usual aspects, this book refers to the war but uses it more as a backdrop to give feeling and setting. I found it interesting and in some ways humorous as the older characters talked about the war and their memories of it but it was nice to see a book not overly dominated by the conflict. However it did give a background that many readers can recognise and understand.

I gave this book a 5 out of 5 stars on goodreads because it was just a great read all round. I loved the mystery, the suspense and the individuality that is becoming harder and harder to find in new series. This book combined a new plot with a vintage backdrop and pictures that were intriguing and equally as creepy. I couldn’t recommend this book more and now I know there is a movie in the making, it will be amazing to see this detail on the big screen.




10 thoughts on “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – Ransom Riggs

  1. Sam says:

    I agree with a lot of your points. The only downside I saw to this novel is that it painted adults in a very unfavorable light. The only good adult (in my opinion) died. I didn’t think that was a great play for a YA novel. Other than that, I loved the original story and I’ll check out the sequel soon. Thanks for reviewing!

    • mrsmamfa says:

      Yea you’re absolutely right about that Sam! I thought the same, they’re all very neglectful of Jacob and seem to sweep over what he says as nonsense. I can’t want to read the next book too, I’m gonna check it out at the weekend. 😊 thanks for commenting!

      • Sam says:

        I look forward to seeing how you felt about the sequel. I’ve been nervous to pick it up but I think the summer will be a good time for it.

      • mrsmamfa says:

        Absolutely! I love summer reading, I save some of my most anticipated reads for sitting in the sun! Lol let me know if you read it and what you think, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts! 😄

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