Sandman Volume 1- Neil Gaiman


I have recently fallen in love with graphic novels, something I hadn’t explored until the past year. Since then I read one nearly every month as I enjoy the images that accompany the plot. So a friend in work recommended The Sandman to me and was very kind to lend me their copy. Written by Neil Gaiman it combines the mystery and intrigue of his usual writing, matched with equally fantasy, mythology and history. The images are interesting as they accompany the haunting words of Gaiman and really put a vision to the somewhat strange and addictive plot.

The Sandman begins by introducing an array of characters from different areas across the world who all suffer in one way or another with sleep. Some of them can’t sleep and others suffer from not being able to wake up. Parallel to this we have dark characters trying to summon evil forces and in this they spark an unusual and terrifying string of events.

The language is powerful and in some ways formal but it highlights the ancient powers of dreaming, death, heaven and hell in the story. As for the images, they tie perfectly with the plot and add extra descriptive power, eeriness and tension as the reader can see the characters rather than imagine them. This is a feature of graphic novels that I particularly enjoy, being able to see the story unfold on the pages visually adds an extra element to the idea of reading.

I would recommend this novel to adults regarding the images and plot; it wouldn’t be a suitable book for younger readers. However it is interesting to read a graphic novel aimed at an older audience. So far I haven’t read many graphic novels so this is a new but enjoyable area of reading for me.

I am giving this novel a 4 out of 5 stars because I really enjoyed this novel and it was an amazing read. I didn’t realise until after reading this graphic novel that Neil Gaiman had worked at DC Comics and had even written graphic novels. This is definitely a series that I will be continuing and without a doubt I will be checking out other graphic novels by Gaiman in the future.


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