Always the Bridesmaid- Lindsey Kelk


You get what you pay for with this book, a humorous, relatable, page-turning chick-lit from Lindsey Kelk. Just like all previous novels, this one does not disappoint. From the characters to the scenarios she put them through I couldn’t put this book down!

Always the Bridesmaid follows Maddie who has just been asked to be a bridesmaid which in any friend circle is a great honour and something to be excited about. Although it is tough when your other best friend is getting a divorce and the bride to be expects you to pull out all the stops and organise the wedding in a matter of months.

I love Lindsey Kelk’s writing style as every Chapter flows into the next and the pace perfectly matches the tone of the writing. This basically means that a couple of hours will pass without you realising because your head will be so into the book. The language is easy to read and humorous, it’s written in an understanding way and I can find it relatable especially the dialogue between friends. One theme I notice in all of Lindsey Kelk’s novels is that the characters are similar to real people, friends you’ll have known or still know, people you’ll have met or even that one clichéd personality that has to pop up in everyone’s life at some point.

I was drawn into this book by the characters; I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen to Maddie next. Maddie is the average woman, stuck in a job that she isn’t respected in, slaving for a boss that doesn’t recognise her talents, stuck between the drama of her friends and clueless as to what direction her love life has gone in. I thought she was the perfect relatable character for a book like this, even her friends were a mirror image to reality and I think this is what attracted me to the book as I got deeper into the plot. Lindsey Kelk has based this plot on semi-realistic events that I’m sure many girls reading this will be relating to.

After reading this book I just want to get all of the heroines from all of Lindsey’s books and smoosh them all together into one massive plot and create an epic story. I think it would be a hit and to be honest if it was written by Lindsey could we expect any less?

I’m giving this book a 5 out of 5 stars on goodreads and would seriously recommend it to any fans of Lindsey Kelk’s novels and if you have never read one of her books you need to jump on the band-wagon as soon as.


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