We’re at Half Time…


So the end of June marked the halfway mark of 2015 and realistically I should be half way if not further through my reading challenges and goals for this year so here is my progress.

To date my challenges are not going very well and I can’t deny this, I haven’t fulfilled many of the challenges or even scratched the surface of some so I’m going to have to concentrate on them over the next couple of months. If you want to check out my original post from January, click here;

Bethany House 2015 Challenge

This year I have managed to mark off eight of the categories for the Bethany House Challenge so far and I have a feeling that the other eight will be manageable. Below are the ones I have completed marked with the red star. The one I will probably have the most difficulty with will be the book set in your state or country but I will definitely give it a shot.  Living in Northern Ireland there are plenty of books that include my country but a lot of them are to do with the history or troubles here. It would nice to find a fictional read set in Northern Ireland that maybe even includes some of this beautiful countries landmarks. It’s remarkable how you can read books that match up to these categories without even realising and surprisingly there is a lot of overlap. I really like this challenge so I hope I will complete it by the end of the year.

 Bethany challenge halfway

Bookish 2015 TBR Pile

As shocking as it is, I haven’t bought a lot of books this year except for the ones that I had pre-ordered, some even before the New Year so I’m quite proud of that. Most, if not all of the books I have read so far have come off my bookshelves, and that’s thanks mostly to my family for buying me books for Christmas. However, when I mentioned this challenge back in January I was hoping to work from my TBR Jar, but with being busy and not having a lot of time to read as it is I have been picking the books based on what I want to read and how I’m feeling at the time so hopefully I can incorporate the TBR Jar a bit more for the rest of the year.


Finishing the Series Reading Challenge 2015

This challenge has been ok for me as I have managed to finish three series this year however I have also managed to start six new ones, some without even realising they were a series to begin with. In my defence two of these series are graphic novels and I have been back and forth to the shop trying to get volume two of both series and they have been out of stock for months. It may be time to turn to the internet for the rest of the volumes and while I’m at it maybe buy the rest of the series I have started too. As I said before I haven’t bought many books this year so maybe this is my way of justifying it or at least that’s the story I’m sticking to.


2015 Big Book Challenge

Clearly when I was setting these challenges I had more faith in myself than I should have. This is the challenge I am most ashamed of as I have only read two books at 400 pages or more.

The Cuckoo’s Calling – Robert Galbraith

Always the Bridesmaid – Lindsey Kelk

What makes it worse was that I had challenged myself to read at least 12 books this year over 400 pages and at this stage it looks almost impossible but I will definitely give it a try. Even if I can beat last year’s achievement of 7 books over 450 pages then I will be happy with myself.


Last but not least is the goodreads challenge where I set myself 80 books to read in 2015. This is 20 books more than last year so I really am challenging myself with what I can read but then again what’s a challenge if it isn’t hard? So far I have read 21 books out of 80 which is way behind schedule however I am hopeful that I will be able to complete this challenge. I have so many good books on my shelves waiting to be read and I’m hoping that I will get a bit more free time after the summer to just relax and pick up a book.


After passing the half way mark for my challenges this year they may not be going so well but looking over the books I have read so far I wouldn’t regret reading any of them. I am very lucky as I have read some fantastic books this year and looking at what awaits me in my TBR piles I know the next couple of months will be an amazing literary journey.

I hope everyone else is successful with their reading challenges in 2015 and if you’re like myself and falling a little behind just remember to enjoy reading and not take the challenges too seriously as it may ruin an amazing reading experience.



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