Weekend Reads #60

Weekend Reads Picture

Happy Weekend!

This weekend I am very lucky to be off work both Saturday and Sunday and with the weather looking bleak I am hoping to find myself cuddled up with my books all weekend. If I’m honest I can’t think of a better way to spend some time off relaxing anyway. This weekend is a chance for me to catch up on my blog posts which desperately needs done and lose myself in the pages of some books, mostly new books thanks to my other half spoiling me for my birthday.

During Daily Reads this week I mentioned a few books I was hoping to start over the week and I’m hoping to continue these over the weekend as well as write my reviews for them. I am completely hooked on The Walking Dead Series and I am really considering watching the TV Series now. After talking with a friend it looks like the graphic novel volumes are equivalent to one of the TV’s series with a few minor changes, mostly to the characters. I am really intrigued to see how the characters are presented and depicted in the series compared to the graphic novel although I don’t know if I’d cope with the goriness if it’s visible on the big screen. Either way I will probably give it a go, as for books this weekend I want to continue with Jenny Han’s To All the Boy’s I’ve Loved Before and It’s Not Summer Without You. I am in a real Chick-lit and YA mood this week so these books are feeding my needs. Hopefully I will get them finished up over the next day or so and have reviews up next week.

Have a great weekend readers!



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