It’s Not Summer Without You – Jenny Han


This is the second book by Jenny Han in The Summer I Turned Pretty series. I absolutely loved it and found it very difficult to put down, It was just phenomenal and I loved so much about it. As soon as I read the first book I needed to have the rest of the trilogy in my possession and I was so lucky to get it.

The Summer I Turned Pretty is about Belly, a young girl coming of age and growing up. Every summer she spends her time from school in a summer house with her mum, brother, their mum’s best friend Susannah and her two boys. This has been the arrangement from Belly can remember and every year she plays catch up to the boys but this summer is different, the boys start to notice her more and that makes this summer a little bit different.

Following on from the changes in the first book, It’s Not Summer Without You continues Belly’s, Conrad’s and Jeremiah’s story as they are all one year older, heading to college, finishing up school and having new adventures. I loved the characters in the first book which is why I think it was easy for me to get back into this storyline. I couldn’t wait to find out more about the boys and Belly and to find out about another summer adventure.

The characters in this book are all likeable, some even loveable as you learn about their lives, their personalities and watch them grow over the summer. Each character in the book has a different personality, the quiet and mysterious Conrad, the fun loving Jeremiah, the caring and passionate Susannah, Belly’s tough and strong mother, not forgetting her protective big brother Stephen. This is the first summer Belly can remember that she isn’t heading to the summer house in Cousins, even though she has finished school and is around her friends, it just doesn’t feel right and she misses her adventures by the beach. When she has settled herself for a long boring summer at home, she is all of a sudden surprised with a phone call and her summer begins to change.

I really liked this book, I may have even liked it more than the first one as Belly is a bit older and becoming a bit more confident. Without giving too much away for those who haven’t already read The Summer I Turned Pretty, this book creates a few more problems and makes the plot a little more complicated meaning I was hooked from the first page. I couldn’t help but want to know more about what was going to happen to the characters and from this I can’t wait to continue the series into the third book.

The writing throughout this series has been easy to read and the plot flows easily with the writing. It is written in such an intriguing way and as one chapter ended I couldn’t help but start into the next one. If you haven’t read this series before I would honestly recommend it, it’s just everything you could want in a young adult, coming of age novel.

On goodreads I have given this book 5 out of 5 stars, I just loved it and can’t wait to continue on the series with the third book.



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