Daily Reads #56

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Well today is an interesting day to start the week on as where I work it is the last day of summer, last day of madness and it holds mixed emotions. Not only this small fact, but it’s also the last day of August meaning a monthly wrap up post will be up at some point this week. It will also have July’s reads in it as I was super busy over the summer and have fallen behind a little bit on my posts but not to worry, I should get caught up this week.


Onto books and I am hoping to finish up To All the Boy’s I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han because I am really enjoying it, it’s just as well written and addictive as any other Jenny Han book I have read before. It won’t be long before I’m onto the second book in the series especially if it follows the same pattern as The Summer I Turned Pretty and has me eager to find out more.


I also want to get started on Just One Day by Gayle Forman as I had wanted to do so last week but never got the chance. I am really excited to read this as I really enjoyed If I Stay and the last time I posted about it I got a great comment by a fellow blogger, who thoroughly recommended it. Thanks again Kota. B Books!


As well as these two books I am also finishing up the third book; Safety Behind Bars in The Walking Dead Graphic Novel series which won’t take too long. I really like this series, but like all graphic novels they are easy to read and really I’d need to have the whole collection in front of me to keep going because they always end in a way that has you hooked and ready to start the next one. I’m going to have to add the next couple to my shopping list.

Well I hope all you readers have had a fantastic summer and are ready for the move into autumn, I know I am quite looking forward to it as it is my favourite time of the year as we head into the colder months. I think it’s perfect reading weather and has the best excuse for hot chocolate and cosy days indoors with a good book.

Happy Reading!


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