Weekend Reads #63

Weekend Reads Picture

Happy Weekend Readers, that time again that we all look forward to. Unfortunately I will be working this Saturday but Sunday will most definitely be a day for my books and blog.

This weekend I will be continuing on with two books from the week, Carry On by Rainbow Rowell and We’ll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han. I am struggling to put down both books and I’m finding it hard to decide which one to read every evening, I definitely need someone to invent a way to read two books at one.

Carry On8680278

If I manage to get through these two books over the weekend I would like to start Persepolis 2 by Marjane Satrapi. I loved the first book which is a bit of a strange thing to say as you are reading about Satrapi’s childhood during the Islamic Revolution, something which was difficult and posed a lot of scarring memories. It challenges the politics of the time against her personal life and the first instalment of the book ended with Satrapi heading out of the country to find a safer life and better education so I’m intrigued to see how it works out away from friends and family and if she heads home.

9517 (2)

Well I may not have a lot of time this weekend but I will be making the most of it, that’s for sure. So have a wonderful weekend and keep on reading!


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