Daily Reads #64

Happy Monday Readers and welcome to November!

It’s hard to believe October is over, its kind of sad because I don’t want to Autumn colours to disappear, it feels like they just got here. Although at the same time I’m already excited for Christmas, is it too soon to be thinking about decorating? 

Anyway, this week I will be starting into my new books for November. Over the weekend I got caught up in doing lots of things that I didn’t get much time to read however I am now reading Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo and Vicious by V.E.Schwab this week. 

 So far I am hooked on these books, they are everything I could have wanted in a book. Especially Siege and Storm as it is continuing on from Shadow and Bone, I am literally a few chapters in and the action is already in place and as much as I try I can’t help but love The Darkling, he’s so mysterious and bad that I love seeing him come into a chapter because I just know it’s going to get good.

As for Vicious, I didn’t know what to expect with this book, the blurb sounded so unusual but I think I’m drawn to it because of this. This book really stands out to me because it is unique, not to mention it’s written beautifully and just like The Archived, I’m addicted to this plot. Once I started reading this I needed to download A Darker Shade of Magic onto my kindle because I read the blurb and was instantly hooked on it too. I’m gradually becoming a big fan of V.E.Schwab but with books like these, it’s to be expected.

So it looks like I’m in for a great week of reading, I wish I could just stop everything and read all day, but work calls. At least I have this weekend off and I can dedicate it to relaxing with my books.

Does anyone have any recommendations for books like these? 

Have a great reading week!


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