Daily Reads #66

Happy Monday readers!!

It’s so hard believe the working week has come around again, how is it even possible? I have no idea where my Saturday night and Sunday has gone? 

Monday’s are so overwhelming as it’s the start of the week and difficult to see past everything that needs accomplished however I’m staying positive for the simple reason that I look forward to my evenings after work, may it be spent at the gym or reading a book or watching a movie. 

This week I will be reading the rest of my festive read, The Little Bookshop on the Seine by Rebecca Raisin, its just such a lovely read for this time of the year. I love Christmas and as soon as November comes around I start reading lots of Christmas books. 

As well as this I am very excited to read Saga Volume 3 by Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples. This series has just been explosive so far, so much happens in each novel that I can barely keep up. I have no idea where this next volume will go or what characters will be introduced. All I know is that I can’t wait to read it. 

So I hope you all have a great week and keep on reading.


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