Daily Reads #68


Happy February readers!

I suppose I should start by explaining my very long absence from book blogging, at Christmas time I took ill over three weeks and wasn’t capable of much. Over that time I just rested and tried to get better, when I got well enough to go back to work I was exhausted by the time I got home so I haven’t been doing much other than eating, sleeping and working. Now that I feel much better I’m hoping to get back into the blog and even pick up on a few New Year’s posts despite January disappearing so quickly.

As this is my first Daily Reads post of 2016, I suppose I will concentrate on the rest of this week for now but keep checking back for more posts over the next few days. This week I am hoping to finish off a few books whilst starting into my February TBR. This month is extra exciting cause it is a leap year and we get an extra day to spend with our books.


I am hoping to finish off reading Drew Barrymore’s newly released book Wildflower, I received it at Christmas and I am really enjoying it. It isn’t a biography as such but more a collection of stories, I had always loved her as an actress and I’d only ever known bits and pieces about her but I am really enjoying this personal look into her life. This book is written by Drew Barrymore and jumps from past to present as she writes about some of her most important and significant experiences. I can’t wait to take some time out of the week, pour a nice warm cuppa and get back into this.


I’m also finally reading Uninvited and I am regretting waiting this long to read it. It’s such an interesting concept concerning the kill gene and how Davy’s closest family and friends turn their back on her and treat her differently when she is diagnosed. I’m about half way through this book now and I’m looking forward to seeing how it ends. I know that this book is also part of a series so I’m further intrigued to see what direction the plot will take.

Now that I’m back to work and feeling better all my usual duties are creeping back up and I’m having less and less time each week to read but I look forward even to those 20 minutes before bed when I can lose myself in a good book.

Have a good week readers, it’s good to be back!



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