The 5th Wave – Movie Review


It’s no surprise that I loved the book by Rick Yancey so when I heard the news that it was being made into a movie I was excited. My excitement grew when I found out Chloe Grace Moretz was cast as Cassie as I think she is a great actress and would know doubt bring everything necessary to the part. Over the past few weeks I heard mixed reviews of the movie and didn’t quite know what to expect, so on Friday night I finally went to the cinema holding my breath and hoping this movie adaptation had the excitement, suspense and intriguing characters I loved in the book.

The movie started just as the book, Cassie’s normal life being shaken by the arrival of destruction. All of the opening scenes were really well done and this was something I was looking forward to seeing on the big screen. All the big scenes, buildings tumbling and sky high tsunamis, planes crashing were amazing, the special effects were very good and it was interesting to see these scenes portrayed on the screen.


Chloe Grace Moretz was even better as Cassie than I had hoped; she really embodied the character and her strong, independent and kick-ass personality. I loved Cassie’s strength in the book, how she was hit with devastation repeatedly and still picked herself up and carried on for Sam her little brother. There were still times when she was scared and wasn’t afraid to show it, Rick Yancey really created a human when he wrote about Cassie. I felt that Chloe Grace Moretz played her beautifully and showed the mixture of emotion readers can only imagine when faced with the end of the world as we know it. I felt the casting was done well for the other characters as well, even though I didn’t recognise them as easily. I always find this a good feature with movies as I won’t see them and associate them with another character they’ve played in a movie.


The entire movie lasted less than two hours but I felt it was over very quickly. The plot stuck very closely with the book which is always a bonus with a book to movie adaptation and something I loathe when it’s not done properly. Despite its close connection with the book I felt it could have been a bit longer. The book had so much depth and detail that I understand some parts need to be left out but before I knew it the movie was over and I was expected to leave. I was so engrossed that the time flew by and I hadn’t even noticed, all of the big parts of the plots, the main characters and the time-line was displayed perfectly but I missed the finer details, getting to know the characters in the Army Base, learning about this strange species, and watching relationships develop over time.


Sadly the movie doesn’t seem to be getting great reviews which I found very surprising because I thought overall it was brilliant. Even my fiancé who hasn’t read the book thought the movie was very good and gripping. I am hanging onto the hope that the second book will be made into a movie and hopefully the third one because nothing is better than having a book you enjoy made for the big screens and done so closely to the original plot. If you haven’t read this book definitely check it out.




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