Cosega Storm – Brandt Legg

Cosega Storm

After the ridiculous cliff hanger of the first book I had no option but to buy this book immediately and carry on the adventure. The first book was highly addictive and fast paced that I wasn’t surprised the plot continued into another book, I didn’t give myself a break between the first and second book as the minute I was finished Cosega Search, I bought Cosega Storm and started it.

This book follows Gaines and Asher as they try and uncover the meaning of the artefact uncovered in the Virginia hills and how this is linked to all involved. I’m going to keep the book description as short as possible because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, especially if they haven’t read the first one yet.

However I felt that the plot got more intense and faster in this book. There was many times where I thought Gaines and Asher were going to get caught and I was clinging to the edge of my seat as I read. This book also starts to question who of his friends Gaines can trust and how many people have to die to protect the artefact and reveal the truth. As the chase gets closer, this book spends less time on the artefact however this doesn’t affect the overall telling of the story as it just intensifies the plot and keeps the reader hooked right into book three.

As they are on the run, Gaines and Asher scour the country looking for refuge, famous landmarks and rivers are featured and described beautifully whilst ancient religions and followings feature. In this book we learn a bit more about the government officials and Vatican agents which to an extent gives them more of a human side despite their rough and ready actions.

This book also takes a closer look at society and the power of individuals in a government or high religious position. It questions the ethics and morality of those individuals and what really goes on behind the curtain. As I said in my previous review can and do instances like this really happen, how much is hidden from the general public and is what they’re doing acceptable on any level?

I gave this book a 5 out of 5 stars on goodreads for obvious reasons, a real page-turner and a book to keep you up all night. I would highly recommend the entire series let alone this book. It is the series I have been waiting for and I can only hope that Brandt Legg’s other books live up to this piece of work.




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