Weekend Reads #68


It’s the weekend, time to celebrate…or relax and have a chilled out Friday night before going back to work tomorrow which is exactly what I am doing. Not great but needs must and at least I have my lazy Sunday to catch up on my books and reviews. So I have been playing catch up the past few weeks and trying to review the books I read when I was ill but it doesn’t help when I’m reading just as quick. I’m starting off this year well; let’s just hope it’s a good omen for the reading year to come.

Over the week I have continued reading and as I haven’t had much spare time to read, I’ve been spending most of my spare time catching up on my reviews and posts. This week in particular has been very busy with lots of time being spent at work and other daily activities. Over the week when I have had a chance to read I have been picking up Vicious by V.E.Schwab. I want to focus on finishing up the books I am reading this month so I can start fresh in March with a new TBR list.


February really is shorter, it feels like I was just writing out my TBR for this month and in a matter of days I will be uploading my March TBR post. Keep checking back and I hope you all have a good weekend.



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