Daily Reads #72


Happy Monday Readers!

Here it goes again, does anyone ever wonder why we all have to work and why we can’t just read every day? I know it’s a stupid question we got to work to earn money to live the life that we all do but bleugh…I just want to curl up and read a book already.

This week I am definitely finishing off The Uninvited by Sophie Jordan and Exodus by Andreas Christenson. I have been really enjoying these books but haven’t had much of a chance to look at them lately with being so busy and they have literally started gathering dust. Not for long as they will be sitting in my ‘Read’ pile by the end of the week.

Joining the Uninvited and Exodus I am hoping to leave shelf space for Amulet Volume 7 by Kazu Kibuishi. This beauty came through the letterbox last week and I haven’t been able to stop myself flicking through the pages of this graphic novel. I am very excited to read this and see where the plot goes. To top it off I am quite a quick reader when it comes to graphic novels so hopefully I can get through it this week.

Amulet Vol 7

I am holding out for my spare time this week to just sit down and relax with a book. I have a tough week ahead with lots going on at work and in my schedule so I will be making the time to read even a few pages.

Have a good week readers,



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