Saga Volume 3 – Brian K Vaughan


I just love this series, it genuinely falls into a category of ‘I have never seen anything like this before and I love it.’ Strange alien species, unusual lands, weird spacecraft and all told from the perspective of a baby.

I thought this volume had a lot going on, it was very gripping, the first two set the scene and introduced the characters however this one really got to the nitty gritty. As Marko and Alana are on the run to find the author who wrote a book about a relationship between two different species they meet many different characters and lands. They are constantly chased by bounty hunters, their planets armies and more as they are in such an unusual and unheard of situation.

This volume in particular has loss, violence, love, passion and family relationships all rolled into one. This graphic novel has the reader loving characters and learning about them individually, strangely I really like Hazel, the infant narrator. She might only appear in baby form but her voice is omniscient and filled with wisdom as she looks back on the events unfolding in the pages. I love reading each volume as its one step closer to finding out where she is now and why she is telling her parents story.

In an odd way I also really like the bounty hunters and the so called villains of this plot. They all have their own backgrounds, what got them into the business and each are from different planets holding their own skills and traits. This volume focuses on each character and gives them a bit more personality; it keeps chipping away at their pasts and personalities.

Volume 3 in particular is more a collection of different perspectives as we jump between planets following Alana and Marko, the journalists, the bounty hunters, the royals and the author. It’s gripping learning about each and every section of the plot as it unfolds and as each chapter ends it leaves you wanting more information and hoping you will come back to visit that particular spot in a few pages time.

As always I have to say this graphic novel series is phenomenal and if you haven’t checked it out already you definitely need to. I gave it a 5 out of 5 stars on goodreads which made me slightly doubt my previous ratings as this volume in particular was so good.  Sadly I won’t be reading many more volumes in this series until after my wedding as I am saving and am currently on a book buying ban. Rest assured come next year I will be buying up a storm online with all the books I need and want. Until then Volume 3 is as far as I go on this Saga journey.



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