Wildflower – Drew Barrymore


This book really opened my eyes to the corners of Drew Barrymore that I had never known existed. Wildflower isn’t a biography as such but more a collection of life experiences that Drew wanted to share with her fans. From her younger years of growing up in an unusual household, to her acting years, to her parenting years, readers get a real insight into the lady behind the camera. The person aside of the actor and the experiences that sculpted her into the admirable woman she is.

As horrifying as it is to many individuals to admit this, I do not like ET. I find him a tad scary but the white suits and the scientists in pop up tents and CSI gear is the main reason I don’t like the movie. I also think this is the reason I am completely against exploiting animals and aliens alike… aside from that it isn’t a movie I would watch again. However I do remember the innocent, inquisitive and friendly little girl that was Drew Barrymore. Of course the first time I watched ET I didn’t realise it was her, it was probably sometime between my obsession of Charlie’s Angels and The Wedding Singer that it hit me, this strong, kick-ass female has been making movies from the sassy age of 6.

Who didn’t love the strong, confident and fiery attitude of the Charlie’s Angels who are mentioned a few times in the book? I loved reading about her relationship with Cameron Diaz, another memorable actress throughout my teenage years. Again once I realised she seemed to be in everything, playing the bubbly, energetic and fun girl. In Wildflower, Drew talks of her friendship and adventures with Cameron who made me a tad reflective on the fun times with my girlfriends and honestly probably even more jealous that I couldn’t skydive or take a trip to Hawaii with my girls. To be fair if given the chance to skydive I probably couldn’t do it, not just for the fear of heights but I don’t think I could lift my legs up to land at the end, strange I know but I can see it ending badly.

Drew Barrymore didn’t just focus in on her career in this novel with snippets of her childhood and maternal sides coming out too. I really liked the sections where she talked about her children as she is a very private person and despite being this amazing actress, successful female figure in Hollywood, she is also a mother. Throughout the book she writes about her children and her experience as a mother in such a caring and affectionate way not to mention the interwoven elements of honesty. There was a section in particular that she talked about how difficult being a mother can be and the differences between her daughters yet this is something she nurtures and encourages the girls to develop skills and independence. I also really enjoyed reading the sections she devoted to her daughters, it seemed like two very private chapters and I felt privileged to read them and share that intimate moment between mother and daughter. Both sections oozed love and I felt like I was peering into this sweet, caring moment that one day her daughters would read and understand.

Finally I couldn’t help but inhale the chapters on her dogs; I understood every last word she had to say about them, her love for them and her still aching pain at their passing. I love animals and see them as a member of the family, an important piece to your everyday life therefore my appreciation of Drew grew stronger with every chapter.

This book is a real eye-opener to the past and present life of Drew Barrymore. Although it is not a biography of sorts, it is a peek into her memories and experiences. I think I preferred this style to a biography as it may not have detailed every year of Drew’s life but it pieced together the experiences that meant something to her, the events that sculpted her into the individual she is today. I would love to see a second book in a few years’ time in the same style and of course written by her. I am intrigued to see what she would include and learn more about the life she lives and the years that have passed.

I gave this book a 5 out of 5 stars on goodreads as it was a book I really enjoyed and one I can see myself reaching for in the future. I was genuinely sad when I reached the last page and did so without even realising. As I turned the page, it hit me that it was over and I had that pit-of-my-stomach feeling that it was over, I had reached the end of a book that I had really enjoyed and didn’t want to end. This book needs a follow-up as Drew continues to grow and bloom into the influential and admirable person that she is.

Highly recommended.




6 thoughts on “Wildflower – Drew Barrymore

  1. juliet835 says:

    I bought the audio book because I couldn’t pass up the idea of listening to her voice in my own ears talking about her life in such a personal way. I adored this book. I cried I laughed and completely fell in love with her again and again as I have loved her since I was a child. I had numerous dreams of her and I meeting and talking about life. I loved those dreams. Always felt like it was as real as can be. Wonderful book. I hope to read more from her in the future.

    • mrsmamfa says:

      My thoughts exactly Juliet, I hope she writes more. Would you recommend the audiobook? I can see myself reading this book again but audio sounds like an idea!

      • Juliet says:

        The audio is wonderful! Hearing the depth of her emotions is truly amazing. I love her soul she’s so sweet. Amazing to listen!

      • Juliet says:

        The audio book is amazing! I really enjoyed hearing the depth of her emotions through lovely words she chose in her book. It sounded romantic and sweet. I love her soul she’s truly mesmerizing. It’s fun to hear her voice have fun with the stories. She certainly gave it her best and it turned out great! She has a picture of her recording her book. It’s on Instagram. She has cups of drinks around the microphone. She must of spent some time in there to work on it. She’s adorable it’s no wonder everyone loves her.

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