Daily Reads #73


Happy Easter readers!

It has already been a mental few days in work with it being the Easter holidays and everyone making the most of their time off work. I’m hoping if it stays busy the rest of the week will fly in but we’re at the halfway mark already with only one week to go so the countdown is on.

As I have been so busy I haven’t got reading as much as I had originally hoped but I did pick up a few graphic novels last week as they are quick and easy reads when you are tired and in my case I just didn’t have the brain power for something deep and demanding attention. With this in mind check back in a few days for reviews of the Groot comics and Deadpool Kills Deadpool.

Over this week I am hoping to finish up a few books and reviews and although my reading plans have taken a sharp turn I want to focus on finishing up my reviews before starting any new books. It is coming to the end of March which is a total shock to me; I can’t believe this weekend will bring April as I am still in the mind-set that 2016 has just begun. With this in mind I will have the March Wrap-Up uploaded in the next few days along with my April TBR.

I have some great books planned for April so I can’t wait to share them with you and see if any of you guys have read them before.

Over the next few days I did mention wanting to focus on reviews but I can’t put a good book down and my friend has leant me the Rocket Raccoon graphic novels to read over the Easter holidays. These won’t take me too long to read so I’m hoping to have these finished in a day or two. I don’t know much about the world of Marvel which I know is shameful, maybe something I shouldn’t admit but I really did enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy. In particular Groot and Rocket, but then again who wouldn’t like an adorable tree that can grow again and a feisty little character such as Rocket. On a side note the music in that movie was epic… anyway my friends have been very kind in lending me their graphic novels and trying to introduce me to this enormous world of heroes. So fingers crossed I can ease myself in and over a period of time at least learn some of their names.

Rocket Raccoon

Well I hope that everyone has a great Easter week filled with chocolate eggs, goodies and adventures. There will be a few posts uploading over the next few days so pop back when you can.



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