Cosega Shift – Brandt Legg

Cosega Shift

So if you haven’t heard me go on and on and on a little bit more about this series this must be your first time visiting the blog. Back in January I read this series when I was ill and stuck in bed, I stumbled upon the first book on Kindle for free and immediately had my hesitations. With some free books you can understand why they are free but after starting the first book I was blown away, this book should never have been free and deserves much more recognition in the book world than it already has.

The second and third book you have to pay for but it isn’t anything to break the bank, £1-£2 per book so as soon as I finished the first book I was straight onto Amazon buying the next two and I couldn’t stop reading the series. It follows an archaeologist on his adventure to uncover an artefact that proves humans existed before the time we originally thought. When this artefact is found he suddenly finds himself on the run with the US government, FBI and the Vatican all trying to hide this revolutionary find. The chase is fast paced, action flying out of every page and characters entering from every corner. By the end of the first book you know everyone involved in the chase and you are hooked.

Cosega Shift being the last in the series had me worried for a little while as it was so action packed I was fearful it would end on a cliff-hanger but despite travelling the lengths of the United States, meeting different people along the way and visiting many historical sites this book ties the plot up nicely. It was a great end and one with many surprises, I still found my imagination running wild after reading the last page because I couldn’t help but run all the scenarios in my mind as what could have happened and whether or not there was some element of mystery at the end.

I was happy with how the series wrapped up as I had all the answers I needed with what happened to the characters, the artefact and the archaeologist however I have mentioned this in my previous two reviews, this series left me questioning the possibility of this happening in real life. This book had a lot of chase and run elements, jurisdiction issues and assassination threats. Secret agents are dotted across the book and corrupt government officials which are ideas we see on a daily basis in movies, books, games and much more so can it really all be fiction?

This entire series reminded me of Indiana Jones meets the Da Vinci Code on all levels with excitement, history, the chase and influential figures included in a large cover up scenario. It had it all for an action packed, fast paced book and I can’t recommend it more. It’s free on kindle so what have you got to lose, start with Cosega Search and I can guarantee you will read the entire series in no time at all.

I gave this final book in the series, Cosega Shift a 5 out of 5 stars on goodreads, it was very a very well thought out and constructed ending. The standard of the plot did not waiver at any part throughout and it contained constant intrigue from one page to the next. A book to keep you up into the early hours, download it as soon as you can.


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