Deadpool Kills Deadpool – Cullen Bunn

Deadpool Kills Deadpool

I suppose I should admit that I am not a fan of superheroes and as much as I try to dabble in the superhero world I just don’t know where to start. I am very lucky to be surrounded by people who can tell the difference between Batman movies made in the 90s to the Batman movies today or explain to me if all of the superheroes know each other exist and how. I have so many more questions that need answered and will in time but for now I am proud to admit that I have read a Deadpool graphic novel.

A friend in work leant me it as she said it was something I could pick up without fully knowing his story, background or anything about him and it is true. This plot really led itself through the multi-universe of Deadpool’s although I have to admit I still don’t fully understand why Deadpool wanted to kill the other Deadpools. From what I gathered in the plot there was an element of good versus evil, a group of good and bad Deadpools…even if I don’t fully know why. I did enjoy travelling through time and more with Deadpool on his quest and meeting all of the different Deadpool characters such as Pandapool and Dogpool being two of my favourites.

Having no background whatsoever in Deadpool’s character I still found this a really fun read. His personality as an omniscient being made him an intriguing character and left the plot open for all sorts of possibilities. He refers not only to characters within the graphic novel but to other superheroes and even to the reader making him very different from the other heroes.

With the movie coming out there has been a big interest in Deadpool and I have learnt a bit more about him and his role, not so much as a hero but a mercenary. He comes across as more of a real person, sarcastic and funny, even at times lacking that charming and ‘save the world’ complex that the other superheroes have. From reading this volume, he seems like a hero that I could enjoy reading more about because he has the difficult plot twists, the complicated personality and the intriguing characteristics that interest me when reading a graphic novel. Maybe he can be my introduction to the superhero world that I am afraid to delve into.

The illustrations in this graphic novel are colourful, detailed and compliment the dialogue well. As I mentioned above I particularly enjoyed the obscure Deadpools in the multi-universe such as Pandapool. There were some stomach churning characters with odd body shapes and unusual mouths and limbs but it all added to the fun and the strange take on this plot.

It is a hilarious graphic novel and one to check out if you are into your heroes and comics. I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads and enjoyed delving into this world throughout March. Hopefully throughout the next year I will learn more about these characters. Recommendations most welcome!


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