Groot volumes 1 to 6 – Jeff Loveness


Just like Deadpool Kills Deadpool, a friend in work gave me her Groot comics to read as they obviously know a cute character like Groot will entice me into this world. When Guardians of the Galaxy came out in cinemas I went to see it and absolutely loved it not to mention its soundtrack which was beyond amazing. However Groot captured my heart which is hard to believe given his lack of verbal communication, yet I found his actions and relationship with the other characters heart-warming and admirable.

The comics were a real insight into Groot, his dreams and what he wants to do. I really loved this side of his character and getting to see more of him. An aspect I really like about the comics was learning how he met Rocket and how their relationship grew so close. Just like in the movie Groot can’t speak or communicate with anyone other than to say ‘I am Groot’ however there is a really heart-warming part of the plot when he meets a mind reader and she is overwhelmed with how much he tries to tell her.

Groot seems like the loveable and caring misunderstood character as he is always seen as intimidating and scary when really he is a big gentle giant. However this can be contradicted as Groot can be pretty ‘badass’ when he needs to be and this is seen quite often when his friends are in danger or he is frightened and lashes out. Yet his actions always seem justified and he is never purposefully destructive or violent.

I loved that Rocket Raccoon featured in these comics as he seemed such a crucial piece of Groot, as someone who could understand him and cared a lot about him. I did wonder how they met so it was fun to see that initial meeting in the comics and see how these two work as a team without the other Guardians.

The images and illustrations in the comics are beautiful, colourful and fun. I really liked them and found that they helped to progress the plot especially given the main character can’t portray his thoughts as clearly as most protagonists. Towards the end there is a section where Groot tells a story and the entire plot is portrayed only in the illustrations, it really said a lot about the quality and layout as the readers takes this section themselves and tells it through their own imagination.

I would highly recommend these comics to anyone, they are a really fun, quick and easy read. I gave them a 5 out of 5 on goodreads, they have made me want to read more in this world and even look into the other stories available in the Guardians of the Galaxy world.


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