Rocket Raccoon – A Chasing Tale and Storytailer – Skottie Young

Rocket Raccoon

A friend in work leant me these volumes as she knew I would love them. After reading the Groot comics I couldn’t wait to see what this duo would get up to next. I really enjoyed The Guardians of the Galaxy movie but particularly Groot and Rocket who were funny, interesting and likeable.

One of the first things I noticed about the graphic novels were the colours and illustrations which were fun, bright and beautifully designed. The images went perfectly with the plot and helped to guide it along at a nice pace. These volumes were very easy to read and the plot was addictive from one comic to the next with all ending on a cliff-hanger.

Rocket Raccoon is a great character, he’s mysterious in the sense of being one of a kind and not knowing his full potential or capabilities, he possesses human qualities given speech, needs and wants. He is crazy about guns, he’s violent and he’s unpredictable especially placed in space where anything is possible. I loved the suspense with these volumes because there are numerous possibilities for the plot given alien planets, environments and civilisations.

Of course Groot featured in these novels and it was lovely to read these directly after reading the Groot comics. I had a new respect and understanding for Groot as a character so it was especially nice to see him feature in the plot and as consistently as he did. There were also some overlap between the Groot comics and the Rocket Raccoon graphic novels and I thought this was a nice touch to keep the plots and characters consistent.

rocket 2

One thing I wanted to mention was the fact that some people find these comics suited to a younger audience but I would definitely state that these are for adults. Rocket has a keen interest in ladies as they so in him and it features heavily throughout the plot. I found him humorous as he possesses human qualities despite being a kind of creature or alien.

I gave these novels a 5 out of 5 on goodreads as they were quick and easy reads, intriguing and something light and funny which is exactly what I needed at the time. Definitely check them out if you are a fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy or Rocket in particular. However for someone like me who has barely touched on the superhero world I really enjoyed these and it has even encouraged me to look into other novels in the Guardians of the Galaxy world.







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