Daily Reads #75


Hello Readers,

So this week hasn’t started out the best for me as I spent this morning at the Doctors, I’m ill and on antibiotics but I should be back to normal in no time. I’ve heard of so many people being ill the past few weeks that I’m not surprised it has finally caught up with me. There’s just nothing as miserable as being ill, I genuinely can’t be bothered doing anything and I am annoyed at myself by being so ill and lazy but I suppose that’s what happens when you have so much to do and something stops you in your tracks.

Anyway enough about me being sick and more about the books, I have continued reading Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman and I absolutely love it but it is so different from the movie. I didn’t expect to be as different as it is although I do know movies differ from the book. I can understand so far why the movie doesn’t contain the entire book because the plot is so detailed. There is a lot more character development and the reader gets a real insight into the girls and their personality. I am really enjoying this book and I can’t wait to see how the plot develops further.

Practical Magic

I also started The Last Librarian last week by Brandt Legg and so far I am really intrigued. It’s set in the future in a world without libraries and books, everything has gone electronic and I can’t imagine a worst nightmare. However I’m finding the plot really interesting and I’m struggling to put the book down. It’s fast-paced and addictive, just what I need being ill and spending my day on the sofa feeling sorry for myself.

So readers have a great week and keep on reading. This week I will have a few more articles uploading over the next few days so check back.


One thought on “Daily Reads #75

  1. cccampaign7 says:

    I read “Practical Magic” last year and could not help but love it! I’ve been a huge fan of the movie since I was a little girl and luckily found it for $.25 at a book sale. It’s interesting to see the differences between the movie and book. Regardless, they are both timeless classics!

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