Motivation for the Month

Hi Readers,

I always appreciate that extra kick each month to keep on top of my reading challenge and there is no better way to keep going than to participate in a readathon. So below is a list of the reading challenges taking place this month, if you want more information on them just click on the title or picture. I will try my best to take part in most of them throughout the month, either officially or unofficially depending on how busy I am.


Dewey’s 24hr Readathon

Deweys 24hr readathon april 2016

Running again this year on the 23rd of April for 24 hours, this readathon is tough but a fun one to do. It makes a real dent in your TBR shelf and I always feel like I have really accomplished something after this readathon. There lots going on over the 24 hours, giveaways, encouragements and more.


Spring Into Horror Readathon

Spring into Horror Readathon april 2016

This readathon runs from midnight Monday the 18th of April to midnight Sunday 24th April. The clue is in the title, this readathon focuses on reading those horror novels that take pride of place on your TBR shelf. However you aren’t completely stuck in this genre, as long as you read something with an element of horror but the main focus is to read as much as you can no matter what it is. There will be a big giveaway at the end of the readathon, all you need to do is participate and put a link to your wrap up at the end. This readathon also has a hashtag for twitter; #SpringHorrorRAT


Don’t forget to sign up for any of these readathons, clicking on the pictures or titles should bring you to their page. These two should help give that extra kick to the end of the month, I know I need it.

Good luck and keep on reading!


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