Daily Reads #78


Happy Tuesday Readers!

I know I’m a day late with my post but I was so exhausted yesterday that I went straight home and slept. Monday 2nd May in the UK was a bank holiday and it felt like everyone headed straight to my work. I was run off my feet and so tired by yesterday evening that I couldn’t do a thing. The good news is after 12 hours of sleep and a lot of coffee I am up and back at it today.

 The Last Librarian

This week I will be continuing reading The Last Librarian by Brandt Legg which I feel like I have been reading forever but it’s my own fault because I started reading it whilst I was reading something else and then only had the chance to read a bit of it here and there. I now completely regret doing this because this book is amazing and I am addicted to it. It’s a book about books and who doesn’t love that? The plot is about the last ever library being closed down however it isn’t long before the librarian realises there is a reason behind this and not just that electronic books have become the new way to read. With the government keeping watch he has to find a way to save the books for the future generations to come.


As well as this I will be continuing reading Alfheim by Gary Nilsen. I didn’t know what to expect with this book as the blurb talked about a seventeen year old boy who is depressed from losing his mother and one night when attempting suicide he is saved by a fairy who thrusts him into a world and life he didn’t know about. I started reading this book last week and I haven’t been able to put it down, it is really addictive. I am looking forward to seeing what direction the plot goes in because I just don’t know what to expect so far and I am nearly 200 pages in.

I have a great week of reading ahead of me, I hope you readers do too.



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