Alfheim – Gary Nilsen


I was given the opportunity to read Alfheim before it was released and if I’m honest I was a little hesitant given my past experience with free eBooks. When I started reading Alfheim I had to swallow my fears and hesitations because it wasn’t long into the plot and I was hooked. Alfheim follows the story of Timothy, a seventeen year old student who is struggling after losing his mother. He has hardly any friends and a few bullies willing to make his life hell in and outside of school. Just as he gives up hope and contemplates suicide a fairy saves him from his mundane life and himself, introducing him to a world he never knew existed and one that depends on him.

I really loved this plot, it was like nothing I’d read before, I haven’t read many fairy based plots but this book has made me want to read more. The characters were likeable and I enjoyed how there were many different personalities across the plot. Many characters are introduced but it’s not overwhelming to the reader as they play important parts to Timothy’s journey. Aenya is introduced early in the plot and I thought her character was confident, strong and dominant to the plot. I enjoyed reading about her; she was definitely one of my favourite characters in the plot along with Timothy. As the plot accelerates Timothy goes on a journey to discover his heritage and becomes stronger himself.

The plot was laid out in chapters with each one ending on a cliff-hanger; I found it very difficult to put the book down and found myself reading on into the night. The main plot was around the idea of folklore, fairies and elves and was set in Ireland. It was interesting, addictive and had my attention from the first few pages. Being from Northern Ireland, I enjoyed reading about a world just south of the border, it was intriguing to see characters with Irish names and sailing across the Irish Sea. I have never read a book set predominantly in Ireland despite being from this area of the world.

Alfheim is available as an eBook on Amazon and I would definitely recommend it, I also found out that it is the first book in a series and I cannot wait to see what happens next. I think this may be one of the first instances where I have read a book long before the second installation is released. I now understand the pain of waiting for the rest of a plot.

I gave this book a 5 out of 5 stars on goodreads, I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading folklore, mystery and intrigue. I am looking forward to seeing what direction the plot is heading in and can’t wait for the next book to come out.



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