April Wrap Up and May TBR

Hi Readers,

I believe a wrap-up post is well overdue for April. I thoroughly enjoyed reading throughout the month of April, I’m just a little concerned at how quickly it has flown in and already how far we have come into May. I can’t believe how quickly this year is going in; summer is literally just around the corner.

Below are the three books I finished reading in April, I started another three last month and I am finishing them up this week so I decided I would roll them over in May. Per usual if you click on the book title or cover you will be able to check out my reviews. I think I had a pretty lucky month as I really enjoyed these books; they were all very different but provided the exact reading material I needed for that month.

Practical Magic – Alice Hoffman

Practical Magic


Rat Queens, Vol 1. Sass and Sorcery – Kurtis J Wiebe

Rat Queens


Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe – Benjamin Alire Saenz

Aristotle and Dante


May is starting out strong for me as I have some great books ahead, from Beauty and the Beast rewrites to poetry and catching up on a series. I can’t wait to set some time aside this month and just get lost in the pages of books. I definitely need it this month with life becoming stressful and work getting busy, I need to lose myself in a good read and escape day to day life for a few hours.

Cruel Beauty – Rosamund Hodge

Cruel Beauty


Love and Other Monsters – Michelle Barard

Love and Other Monsters


The Lost Treerunner – Brandt Legg

The Lost Treerunner


A Clockwork Orange – Anthony Burgess

A Clockwork Orange

I am very excited to read A Clockwork Orange as it is a classic I haven’t read yet and I found it in a second-hand bookstore in great condition. It sounds a bit rough and violent which is not the area I would venture into when reading but I’m always open to new reading material and who knows it could be an interesting read.

Even writing this makes me want to put the laptop down and start reading so I will leave you all there and head to my books.

Have a great reading month!


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