Weekend Reads #75

Happy Friday Readers!

I love to see this day of the week arrive, there’s only a few hours until the weekend is officially here. As with most weekends I am working this Saturday however I always have my evening and Sunday to make the most of the weekend. 

This weekend I don’t have many plans so I want to get caught up on my posts and reading. As next week is the end of May I am hoping to get my Monthly Wrap Up completed and a few reviews too. I am still in shock that it’s the end of May. This week marked 6 months to our wedding so this year feels like it is flying in for me. However that’s always the way of things when there’s a big event in one year. 

This weekend I want to continue reading A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, I have only read a few pages into the book but so far I am intrigued with the plot. I am a little shocked about the dystopian world created as this book was written in the late 60s. It already seems like a book ahead of it’s time.

If I have a chance I would like to start a new book I have been given the chance to review. Emotion Market by Dimitris Chasapis is the first in a series. It tells the story of Dr Emerson who has found a way to manipulate human emotions. Dr Emerson believes that humans are what they feel and if that can be altered it will change the human’s existence and possibly their actions and abilities. However this ability is dangerous and corruption is at the heart by people who will suffer from this revolutionary discovery.

This book just sounds so good and as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to read it. I am looking forward to spending some time on it and getting into the plot.

Well I hope you all have a good weekend and remember this is the last weekend in May so make the most of it and tackle that TBR before the end of the month.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Reads #75

  1. shakeelah says:

    Hi! I read A Clockwork Orange and felt the same way. It does feel way ahead od its time. I got the movie but I havent yet worked up the courage to watch it.

    Best of luck with your wedding planning. I know how hectic it is! But enjoy all the excitement. It pays off in the end.

    • mrsmamfa says:

      Awe So reassuring for you to say that too haha I don’t think I could watch the movie, it’s a bit violent!

      There is so much to a wedding, I feel like all the planning will never end! Haha

      Thanks for commenting! 😊

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