Weekend Reads #76



Happy Friday Readers,

I am especially looking forward to this weekend because this is my last Saturday in work for a few weeks and then I will have a full weekend to do what I want. The next few are jam-packed with errands and fun things to do so I cannot wait.

I have had a pretty good reading week so far and started off June well having finished reading The Vegetarian by Han Kang which is one of my TBR reads for June. I was super intrigues to read is as I am a proud vegetarian and I had heard that this book paints vegetarianism in a fuzzy light but I felt there was so much more to this plot and I am looking forward to uploading my review.

I am also finishing up A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess which I found as a very difficult read in parts. Originally when I picked up the book I thought I would have this finished in a matter of days but the dialect and writing made it hard to understand and I found it becoming a book I was stopping every few pages and reflecting on.


This weekend I am hoping to start a new book from my June TBR called A Once Upon A Time Tale: Reawakened by Odette Beane. In case you haven’t already realised this is based on the TV Series Once Upon A Time which I absolutely love. I cannot stop watching it and recently I have just watched the last episode of the series so I need something to tide over my fangirl needs until the new series starts. So far from what I have read on this book it seems like the first season of the show in a book, however even if it is the same and I can predict what will happen I am still very excited to read this.

Well I have a great weekend ahead of me filled with books, books and more books which sounds pretty good to me.

Have a great reading weekend!




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