May Wrap Up and June TBR

Hi Readers!

So it’s time to wrap up another month and I always find it hard to believe that another one has flown by. Days seem to just roll into another at the minute and I barely see them going by. One minute I feel like I’m sitting at the side of the bed ready to start the day and the next I’m in bed, the days over and I’m falling to sleep. It’s exactly six months to the wedding so I think planning for it and working and everything else is helping me fill up my days.

In May I had a very successful reading month, I read 5 books, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend. While reading the books below I couldn’t wait to review them because I had so much to say about their interesting plots and ideas. Each book I read last month was very different and embodied different themes which I always enjoy choosing throughout the month. I love reading very different books as I think it depends on my mood what I reach out for. Below are the books I read in May and if you want to check out my reviews just click on the title or cover;

Alfheim – Gary Nilsen



The Miniaturist – Jessie Burton

The Miniaturist


Love and Other Monsters – Michele Bishop

Love and Other Monsters


Cruel Beauty – Rosamund Hodge



The Last Librarian – Brandt Legg

The Last Librarian 


Now June is a different story, I started to look at y shelves to see what I wanted to read this month and literally everything I hadn’t read was lighting up. I just want to read them all and every once and a while I will be in this mood where I read lots of books at a time. It looks like June might be one of these months;

A Clockwork Orange – Anthony Burgess

A Clockwork Orange


Emotion Market – Dimitris Chasapis


Emotion Market


The Vegetarian – Han Kang



The Never-Ending Days of Being Dead – Marcus Chown

Never Ending Days of Being Dead


A Once Upon A Time Tale : Reawakened – Odette Beane



A Throne of Glass – Sarah J Mass

Throne of Glass


Unhooked – Lisa Maxwell



Obviously I am being very motivated in thinking I can read all of these books so I’m going to give it a try. Unhooked by Lisa Maxwell was a late entry to the June TBR because I didn’t even own it up until a few days ago. I was creating a list of books for my birthday and what I thought was ‘adding to cart’ actually was the button that bought the book and transferred it immediately to my kindle. I know this sounds like the excuse of a book addict but I promise I did not mean to buy this book, I was literally making a birthday list. However it’s happened and now I kind of…really…want to read it because now I don’t have to wait. It’s a strange story I know but who knows I may get around to reading it this month.

I am very excited about reading the books above this month as they all look at different ideas and themes and I just know I will be looking forward to coming home after a hard day at work and picking them up.

Even writing this post makes me want to stop and read them now so I think I’m going to use this motivation to my advantage and get started on my TBR. As we’re halfway through the year I always like to use this point to get past the halfway mark of my goodreads reading challenge or even further so keep on reading and make the most of June.




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