Daily Reads #84

Happy Monday Readers, 

I have such a busy day ahead of me with work and volunteering I think I will be passed out in bed as soon as possible tonight. It seems like this month has rolled in so quickly and it is flying by, before I know it I’m in bed again.

This week will be quite busy as I’m working and I am going to the Hillsborough Garden Party on Tuesday so I’m a little nervous about what to wear and what to do but I’m sure it will be a fun experience nonetheless.

I have been reading really well over the past week or so, I am just enjoying all my books so much that I am finding it hard to pick which one to read. Seriously someone needs to invent a way to read more than one book at a time or a shorter working week would be better so I can have a longer weekend and more time with my books. 

This week I am continuing on with a few books, this is what happens when I read so many books at one time, however I am hoping to start reading A Once Upon A Time Tale by Odette Beane. This is a book I was supposed to have started a few weekends back but didn’t get round to because I ended up gravitating towards A Throne of Glass by Sarah J Mass on my bookcase and decided to finally read it. So now it’s time to start Once Upon a Time, the book edition of the TV show. I am really quite excited to see if it is exactly like the show or if it has some differences, either way I can’t wait. 

I will have a few more reviews heading up this week so check back for those and keep on reading. 

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