Emotion Market – Dimitris Chasapis

Emotion Market

I was asked to read this book in exchange for an honest review and as soon as I heard about the plot I was interested. It looks at a discovery made by Caroline Emerson who has created the ability to manipulate emotions such as reducing jealousy, increasing love and confidence. Anything you can think of it is possible. There is even the suggestion to help those who are mentally ill or more inclined to create a crime.

I thought the idea behind this book was very interesting and expected the plot to develop behind a patient and the creator however I felt the plot was a little disjointed in places. It lacked action and a definitive storyline. I found it boring in places and characters were introduced from every angle and right up to the end of the book. At times it was hard to follow the plot because so many people were involved.

I enjoyed the parts of the book that looked at people interested in the emotion procedure however with exception to a publicity styled video there were no first hand experiences of people going through it. I would have loved to follow a character the whole way through the procedure, what it felt like, how their life was before and after the treatment. There were some clever parts of the plot when Dr Emerson would receive a letter from an angry protestor about the treatment and letters from a satisfied patient but I would have enjoyed reading or following a particular patient through the story and their experience.

I was agitated throughout the book with grammar mistakes and numeral mistakes such as in one page of the book they talked about 10 million view of a video within half an hour and on the next page this figure changed to 2 million views within one hour. There were also mix ups with words such as ‘made’ instead of ‘maid’ and ‘die’ instead of ‘dye’ which was easily noticeable when reading the context of the plot.

The idea behind this book is a great one, and I feel this book could have been better. I wonder if the plot was dragged out to become a trilogy when it could have been a concise and intriguing stand-alone read. I gave it a 3 out of 5 stars on goodreads purely for the idea of an emotion market and how this could have led to a great and exciting plot. I would love to see this idea developed in the future and used in a different way.


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