Throne of Glass – Sarah J Mass

Throne of Glass

I first bought this book around two years ago with every intention to read it as soon as possible. However with moving house it found a nice spot on my bookcase and nestled in for a long wait. I finally read it last week and I am really kicking myself now for not reading it sooner. I absolutely loved this book.

Celaena Sardothian is an 18 year old assassin, a trained killer who is spending her life in the mines of Endovier. She is brought before the Crown Prince and offered a deal for freedom, all she has to do is compete to become the King’s Champion. Celaena believes this is an easy battle and takes the challenge but before long one of the competitors is found dead in the castle, quickly followed by another and so starts a spiral of danger. Celaena has no option but to investigate the murders before she becomes a victim too.

I really enjoyed this plot, it was gripping and exciting and I couldn’t put it down. I particularly liked Celaena as she was such a bad-ass character. It was refreshing to have a female assassin who was confident and strong in the plot. However I did find it unnecessary to have her develop a love interest through the story, my inner feminist was screaming that Celaena should have been left as an assassin and a strong female character that didn’t need a relationship but at the same time I secretly was rooting for her relationship to develop. It was a bitter-sweet twist to the plot and I can’t deny I secretly enjoyed it.

I found the other characters to be well developed and likeable in the plot too. I couldn’t help but like Chaol Westfall, Prince Dorian and Nehemia Ytgar. They were all perfect characters to the plot that helped to not only direct the action but shape Celaena’s personality too. Throughout the plot there is also a chance for the reader to see what these characters are thinking with particular reference to Dorian and Chaol. Nehemia was a mysterious character until the last section of the book but throughout she was intriguing and I enjoyed learning little bits about her personality, her background and culture.

The world that this story is set in had me very interested, with magic and battles and languages and more, it was a little difficult to follow at times but after a few chapters I was hooked. It was a nice addition to have the political hype in the background as the King is trying to conquer different lands and ban magic and specific languages, it added to the mysterious aspect of the book.

I felt that when the book had ended I had only read a snippet of a much bigger plot, especially where the conquering and political aspect of the book lay. Towards the end there is also a twist with regards to the King and the reader gets an insight into his real personality and motives for his kingdom and more. As soon as I finished this book all I wanted to do was pick up the next one in the series and unfortunately I don’t have it so I think it’s one I’m going to need to pick up soon.

I gave Throne of Glass a  4 out of 5 stars on goodreads and the only reason I withheld a final star is because I found the middle section of the book lacked a little action. Much of it was filled with Celaena’s training and getting to know the fellow competitors, the Prince and other characters. Compared to the beginning and end of the book I felt it didn’t have the same impact on the reader. Although in saying this it is still very much so a great read so a piece of advice, don’t do what I did and leave this book on the shelf. Pick it up and read it next, if you like fantasy and a strong female character you will definitely enjoy this.


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